Power Optimizers

The power optimizer uses a unique software algorithm that can track the maximum power point of a single module in real time. The user can choose different types of products according to the actual operating conditions of the photovoltaic system to solve the problem of occlusion or component electrical specifications. Differences caused by the reduction of photovoltaic system power generation, to achieve the maximum power output of a single module and online monitoring, improve system efficiency.

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Rapid Shutdown Devices

Rapid Shutdown can be used for PV projects of different scales, installed on the module bracket or module frame, and connected in series with the module. When an emergency happened, you can press the shutdown button of the main controller (or shutdown control box) to quickly shut down the module output within 30 seconds to reduce the string voltage to a safe voltage, which can improve system safety.

The product complies with NEC2017 (690.12), UL1741 rapid shutdown specifications, and supports the SunSpec alliance rapid shutdown protocol.

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Rapid Shutdown Controllers

The faction of rapid shutdown is based on PLC communication between corollary control equipment and rapid shutdown device.

The shutdown controller Beetrans-Master (and Beetrans-Slave) is used for small and medium-scale projects, and shutdown control box Beetrans-Max is used for larger-scale projects. Both are equipped with rapid shutdown devices according to the project scale. Parallel products of different project sizes.

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Data Processing Devices

Collect and upload data of power system components (module, inverter, electricity meter,  temperature detectors, etc.) to the data cloud center (Honeypot) in real time, which can safely shut down the power optimizer or integrated power optimizer to realize the power plant Intelligent operation and maintenance management.

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Cloud Server

Data cloud center (Honeypot) is a cross-platform monitoring system developed based on the Internet. It is used to display, analyze, and store the power station data uploaded by the data aggregation device. It is convenient for user to remotely understand the operation status of the power station in real time, handle failures in time, and improve the safety of the power station, reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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